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A 'cellist friend said 'it's just like bass clef, but everything's a 5th higher' - so your bass clef F :line4: becomes tenor clef C. It's used to keep ledger lines to a minimum when playing high up on a bass clef instrument.

The middle point of this moveable clef is always on the C line (sounding middle C), so use this as a referrence - nowadays it's only used for alto and tenor clef. If it's on the 2nd line down it's tenor clef. If it's centered on the middle line, it's alto clef which viola players use.

If you play tenor sax or bass clarinet, the positions of the notes on the tenor clef stave are the same as Bb basso, so a tenor sax/bass clarinet (or brass band trombone/baritone/euphonium) player can read off the tenor clef part but imagine a treble clef instead, and add two sharps on/take two flats off the key signature.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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