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Hey guys, I've been reading the forums for a while, and with this being my first post, just wanted to say hi. Now, onto buisness. My band director has recently decided that after using the school's Buescher Big B since freshman year (I'm a junior now), its finally time for me to purchase my own tenor!

I already own a Buescher TH&C alto (my grandfathers), and I'm wondering what some good horns might be! I've been looking at a 1948 Martin Committee horn from a local shop, but I've been wondering what some other good vintage (or possibly) horns might be! All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks everybody!

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Welcome to SOTW.
Their are alot of great vintage Tenors. And depending on how far back you go depends kinda on the cost as well. For instance you can get a Buescher True Tone, which is primarily a early 30's model and before horn. For around I think someone here was selling one for $750. These are great horns.
I would say it really depends on price you can spend on the horn.
One of the best horns ever made is the Selmer Mark VI, alittle pricey usually.
Buescher has the Big B, any 400 series 140 etc. Also the Top hat and Cane. Need to be careful on the Buescher you buy though, after the Selmer buyout, they go down in quality to a student horn.
King has the Zypher/Special, and the Super 20. I played next to a guy that played a King Zypher and it sounded great. It was probably mostly him, but it still sounded good.
Conn 10M is highly recomended as well.
The Martins are pretty good too. Depending on the horn I think 60's-70's the quality started going down their as well. I may be wrong on that, but still.
Their are of course great horns as well depending on how far you go back.
Hope this helps.
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