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tenor Buescher Aristocrat Stencil Franck & co.

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I have a tenor Buescher aristocrat (I believe) stencil with SN 36XXXX with engraving Wm Franck & co made in U.s.a.....not bad at all as a tenor, is there anybody with info on these stencils?
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I recently bought an alto marked William Frank Co USA in poor condition. It clearly was an Elk-Hart by Buescher stencil, with the simplified art-deco keyguard and an Elk-Hart model- and serial number. Nice sound (sort of close to my Big B alto) but very thin body and weak key material. Sold it again but forgot to save some pics.. Could be a nice horn for someone on no budget but by no means worth to have it overhauled professionally, unless you find a mint one..
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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