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tenon reciever loose?

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just noticed that the tenon reciever soldering on my selmer mark VI 1956 don't seem to stick all around (see the black arrow). I've inherited the horn so I don't know it's history, but it looks like the tenon reciever has been repaired (soldered) before.
It plays wonderful, and the neck seems ok in place. What's the sign when there's a leak in the tenon reciever? Is this critical and needs to be repaired?

Finn (Denmark)


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The solder joint on the socket ring on MkVIs and others can often come adrift through fatigue, but still doesn't affect the function of the socket screw. And provided the socket ring doesn't rotate as there's a pillar for the 8ve mechanism hard soldered to it, then you shouldn;t have any real trouble so long as your crook tenon fits well in the socket and you don't have to tighten the screw excessively to tighten it up.

If it has to be resoldered (instead of trying to tack the free ends down which won't last), then have it done properly by taking it off completely, cleaning up all the old solder, refitting and resoldering to be sure it doesn't come undone again and also to ensure the 8ve mechanism pillars line up. I've seen a few where they've been soldered back on and the slots don't line up.

An unrelated topic, but what makes me cringe is seeing some alto and more worrying, some tenor players (both inexperienced and well seasoned) holding or carrying their saxes by the crook! This not only increases the likelyhood of bending the crook or the sax body crashing to the ground if the crook comes loose, but it puts enormous stress on the soft solder joints of both the crook tenon and also the socket so the solder joints can often fail at these two points. The crook isn't designed as a handle to carry them around with!
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There's a great example of this in my 'Black Museum' - first exhibit, first shot:

Whoops! How could anyone miss that?

I see you've got Janet Mathews' old Reference 54 alto with the 'tone ripples' in there as well! She got rid of that and now owns a YAS-875EX (after I let her play mine one evening).
I do indeed. I'll PM you his name - you'll have to clear some space in your inbox so I can do that.
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