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tenon reciever loose?

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just noticed that the tenon reciever soldering on my selmer mark VI 1956 don't seem to stick all around (see the black arrow). I've inherited the horn so I don't know it's history, but it looks like the tenon reciever has been repaired (soldered) before.
It plays wonderful, and the neck seems ok in place. What's the sign when there's a leak in the tenon reciever? Is this critical and needs to be repaired?

Finn (Denmark)


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This is a common problem. At some point you'll need to have the clamp ring removed, cleaned and resoldered - trying to spot solder the lifted part seldom works.
It's not a difficult or expensive job.
As Clarnibass says, it won't necessarily cause a leak but there's a chance that the part of the clamp that's hanging free may eventually stretch or distort - so its something that needs to be fixed in the coming months.

In the meantime, don't tighten up the clamp screw too tightly.

Yes, it is.
The crook should seal perfectly without the clamp beiing tightened up. A lot of player mistakenly assume the clamp is there to make the seal. It's not, it's simply to hold the crook in alignment.
If you try to use it to make the seal it'll fail eventually - which is why it's common to see cracks descending down from the slot in the receiver due the brass having been stretched.

And it doesn't surprise me that it's been spot soldered and come loose again.
To be fair, you can spot solder it - but you have to be scrupuluous in cleaning the joint surfaces...and because you have limited room in which to manouver it takes more time to do half a job than it would to whip the whole lot off and refit it.
I see this a lot with soldered-on tone holes.

If it has to be resoldered (instead of trying to tack the free ends down which won't last), then have it done properly by taking it off completely, cleaning up all the old solder, refitting and resoldering to be sure it doesn't come undone again and also to ensure the 8ve mechanism pillars line up. I've seen a few where they've been soldered back on and the slots don't line up.
There's a great example of this in my 'Black Museum' - first exhibit, first shot:

D'you happen to know who did the job?

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