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Tenney does it again!!!! This time with my BP10E Link Soprano Mouthpiece

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I know that (Doc) Tenney is a forum member but this post is for members who may be having mouthpiece issues now or in the future. This is not an advertisement - I'm just REALLY please with my tenor and soprano mouthpieces and wanted to share my thoughts.

I just receive my BP10E Tone Edge Link and it seems to be a perfect match for my VI soprano. Smooth, responsive, and consistent in both pitch and tone over the entire range.

I say "again" because I'm also playing the Tenney Slant Sig Tone Edge 7 on tenor and it's also seems to match my VI tenor extremely well. Very even and responsive even soft and low on my old tenor. Now I have to save $$$ and try to pick up the Tenney Custom Meyer 6 for alto.

I can no longer blame equipment for my musical short-coming. I'll just go back to blaming my mother. :D

Thanks Again Doc and for anyone looking - the Tenney products may be worth a try.

By the way, Saxquest is FAST!!!!
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Can you describe the chamber and baffle on the soprano piece? I'm looking for a large-chambered but modern soprano mpc with a low baffle. I was thinking about trying a Springer or one of GWindPlayer's pieces.
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