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Tenney does it again!!!! This time with my BP10E Link Soprano Mouthpiece

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I know that (Doc) Tenney is a forum member but this post is for members who may be having mouthpiece issues now or in the future. This is not an advertisement - I'm just REALLY please with my tenor and soprano mouthpieces and wanted to share my thoughts.

I just receive my BP10E Tone Edge Link and it seems to be a perfect match for my VI soprano. Smooth, responsive, and consistent in both pitch and tone over the entire range.

I say "again" because I'm also playing the Tenney Slant Sig Tone Edge 7 on tenor and it's also seems to match my VI tenor extremely well. Very even and responsive even soft and low on my old tenor. Now I have to save $$$ and try to pick up the Tenney Custom Meyer 6 for alto.

I can no longer blame equipment for my musical short-coming. I'll just go back to blaming my mother. :D

Thanks Again Doc and for anyone looking - the Tenney products may be worth a try.

By the way, Saxquest is FAST!!!!
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I don't believe this is a large chamber style mouthpiece. It's more of a squeeze throat/round chamber design similar to the old Selmer Soloist.

The Vintage Slant Signature (old) Otto Link Tone Edges are considered a large chamber. The old Buescher mouthpieces also fall into the large chamber category. The real find is the OLD hard rubber Bundy Soprano mouthpieces. The Bundy and Buescher usually have to be refaced to "modernize."

A. Greene
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