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Tell me what you think(recording of me + college band)

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Well, leave the band out of it. I'm a freshman in the 2nd band at my school and I play lead tenor so therefore, I get solos, and we have tons of recording equipment so everything is recorded. So now I finally have an acceptable recording of myself. Lay into me! The tenor solo is around a minute into it I think. The tune is Night Flight by Sammy Nestico.

Let me know if it doesn't work.
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I'll echo what dstack79 said: "Blow!"

I dig your sound and melodic concept, but I was distracted by what you were playing because I had to listen for it (does that make sense?).

My best advice: Practice everything with a metronome. Set a metronome at 60 and it becomes your 2&4 (high hat) and play through all of your scales. Do the same with transcriptions and when you're learning tunes. I never thought it was a big deal until a year ago when I started really putting it into practice, and let me tell pays off! It really helps with your swing and sense of time (phrasing, feel, all the stuff that separates a good solo from a great one).

One more thing, when you use altissimo make sure it makes sense in the context of the solo and that it definitely leads somewhere or serves as a climax.

Other than those few things, you sound great. Nice work on a Nestico tune!
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