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Tell me what you think(recording of me + college band)

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Well, leave the band out of it. I'm a freshman in the 2nd band at my school and I play lead tenor so therefore, I get solos, and we have tons of recording equipment so everything is recorded. So now I finally have an acceptable recording of myself. Lay into me! The tenor solo is around a minute into it I think. The tune is Night Flight by Sammy Nestico.

Let me know if it doesn't work.
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+1 on what Dan and SD said.
Be more sure of what you want to do with the rhythms of what you play.
Your melodic ingredients sound fine.
You could probably help yourself during practices by trying to sing or hum to yourself the melodies you want to improvise - think about which of these melodies you like, and what you would like to hear next after the last measure or two that you just improvised. When it feels pleasing to you, it will probably feel that way to your audience.
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