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Teaching ideas for Platti Sonata no 5 opus 3 in Eb Major & Rumba by Maurice Whitney

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I am preparing a student for his university audition on the Giovanni Platti Sonata no 5 opus 3 in Eb Major for Alto Saxophone. He will also perform the Rumba (Rhumba) by Maurice C. Whitney for Alto Saxophone. (both pieces have piano accompaniment). Does anyone have any suggestions for what type of stylistic features to focus on for each piece? I have the Music Minus One recordings for each of these (Vincent Abato plays the Platti Sonata and Paul Brodie plays the Rumba).
What types of advanced features would you point out that would help my student do well in his audition? (e.g. dynamics, phrasing, articulation, tone, pitch, intonation) Basically, how do I get my student to make the pieces unique to stand out from the crowd?

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Hi -thanks for the reply! Yes, I definitely agree that rhyhtm and intonation are critical elements - and of course using a tuner and metronome. I will have to check out your suggestions to listen to Paud, Mayer, Carbonare -I'm not familiar with them - so far I have been advocating listening to players such as Eugene Roussau, John Harle, Marcel Mule, Arno Bornkamp, etc. Also, Paul Desmond has quite a "pure" jazz tone, according to some. He's one of my favourite jazz players. What about a group such as Gerald Danovitch Sax Quartet from Montreal, Canada or the San Francisco Sax Quartet -did a nice version of Bach's Air in G among others. Any saxophone quartets you recommend to listen to? What about saxophone quartet repertoire? Any suggestions? (for classical and jazz)
Hi Angel
Sorry for not replying sooner -I really appreciated the suggestions you sent, as well as your Facebook page, which I recently signed up to join. I love the Quatuor Habanera -I like their YouTube version of their Tango -great playing and choreography too! I can't seem to find an online video or audio clip of the Arcanes quartet. Unfortunately the Montreal based Gerald Danovitch saxophone quartet recordings seem to be out of circulation -were produced in Canada under the CBC label -what a shame, as I really enjoy their rendition of the Barber of Seville!
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