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Tea for two- Trumpet solo transcription!

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Since my teacher told me that I should improve my feel of rhythm,
I thought: " Time to do the ultimate exercise, a transcription!".
You train your hearing and rhythm at the same time. So now I'm trying this trumpet solo of Willy Cook (or Billy, Duke should work on his pronounciation :D) to start with.

Hopefully I will make tons of other transcriptions (maybe one of Trane's pieces one day ). So I'll upload my work here and maybe you guys can check it. It's for trumpet in Bb but I'm writing it down in concert c, I'll transpose it later. The reason for this is that I am using Band-in-a-box its piano to find notes. I'll also look in which key it actually is written. Btw: I write it down first myself (yes, with a PENCIL), without any help of sibelius, and then I write it in Sibelius (as a kind of check and correction).

So, I give you: the very beginning of my transcription!

I hope someone will enjoy!

Btw: I know it's very unlikely but just "in case of", my work is completely free. You can use it but you may not sell it.
Copy it, share it, I don't care but no merchandise! :D
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Good work Hammertime.
It's good to write the chord changes above the transcription if you have them it'll tell you a lot about what's going on. It's also nice to have a chart for the tune (if available) to have the changes to give you some touch points when you first start transcribing.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks! I've got a new update. Everytime I advance , I'll add it to the first post.

Btw, on the second bar, the last measure, it's not very clear to say what Cook does. The note kinda dies on the 3 count, but I wrote it like that. Anyway you'll know how to play it if you hear the original record.
Excellent choice to start with. Big band solos are always a great place to get started because they're very accessible - most aren't too long, most aren't too difficult, and big band players tend to reference the melody often. Best of luck to ya :)
Updated! Added two more bars. The process is slow, but it'll speed up for sure!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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