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Taiwanese tenor sax

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I am going to upgrade to a different tenor sax and spent the past few days trying out horns at private dealerships and shops. Out of the 20+ that I tried, I have two favorites. From what I have found through my research, both are priced right. One of them is a vintage horn with a great reputation and I can find plenty of information about it on the forum and all over the web.

The other horn is a Taiwanese-made copy of the Yamaha custom 82Z, and the US distributor is a flute manufacturer with an excellent reputation. He doesn't manufacture it, but friends of his do and his signature is on the horn. I would like to get a sense of what kinds of repair issues I might have with this horn and would love to get some feedback from technicians or people who have owned horns similar to this.

I hope this is the right place to post this - I'm new to the forum and am still learning my way around.
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If the horn you are looking at is a copy of a Yanagisawa there is a very good chance that this is a Chinese rather than a Taiwanese horn, often times the price is the giveaway.

It has been a long time that both Taiwanese and even Chinese instruments are been bought and sold in many countries. A lot of Taiwanese brands belong now to the pro and intermediate market segment.

The quality of some Chinese made horns , in some cases, has been known to be causing concerns and problems to some buyers. Generally speaking though, if the importer has a good reputation one can rely on the guarantee and return policy which is not always the case for on line sales.

The lower price is not always reflective of a necessarily low quality.
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