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Hello forum! Newbie here. I am an experienced guitar player and have finally made up my mind to pick up tenor sax. I am a hobbyist player only. I did some snooping around and thanks to this forum and other sources have realized that Taishan Winds instruments are a good bang for the buck quality instruments. I reside in India and there is no way to buy them from here online. However, my uncle travels to China often on business and would be going to Nanjing soon. He also travels via Hongkong routinely. So currently, there are these two places from where I can get a new tenor. My current budget is 800 usd approx.

I would be obliged if someone here can guide me local music shops in Nanjing or Hongkong from where I can reliably get a Taishan 7000 series tenor. Also What would be the model number and approx price options on this one?

I also looked into Vibratosax T1 polycarbonate tenor, which is made in Thailand.The company offered it to me around 550 USD from pickup at their Bangkok warehouse. I loved the sound on the videos posted on their FB page [website is not updated as yet for T1].

Any advise here would be invaluable. I am taking the step of trying to learn Sax in large part due to material on this forum. Glad to be here finally.
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