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To players that owned/played a T3

How does it sound?
What about it's intonation.

I found a "closet queen" locally but due to COVID the owner aggreed to sell it half the price but he won't let me "test" it.
He's an old guy ... really scared and I undderstand it.

I played 8XX and 9XX Yanis, but I heard that T3s have a totally different sound concept?

American style.... French style.... ???

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American sound

Big, big sound. Really great low end! Husky and on the more free blowing side

The original neck that came with my horn did not suit the horn well. Intonation was all over the place! Switched to a Super 20 neck and that did the trick!

Pinky table is the same as a 10M but the positioning does feel off! This did cause me some uncomfort during 3hr+ sessions/practice

I played this against a 92xxx Mark VI, 130xxx VI, Pre War 10M, JK SX90, Yani T880, 82Z and none of them got me off this horn

I played my horn all the way through Grad school. Took me a while to find a horn to take its place! The sound was big and suited me so well, the only thing that ended being comparable to my ears and style that had more modern keywork was a 1935 BA that I love

Nice horn the price is right!


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