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Playing Bueschers with and without snap in pads, the difference is that snap in pads give a better feel to the keywork and balance to the horn, better intonation and last for years. Non snap in pads always put the balance of the horn out, adversely affect intonation and devalue your horn.

The TH&C, contrary to popular myth isn't the be all and end all of Buescher tenors, the Series I aristocrat will actually play louder, more in tune and work with a variety of mpcs far more readily than a TH&C will. The TH&C and the Big B (large Bell models) have a less focused sound, are harder to centre the pitch in all register, don't have as good an altissimo response nor as slick a keywork as on the series I.

If you want volume from your TH&C then look into different mpc set-ups. The older R&R sound was achieved by using a Brilhardt with a plastic reed. The Quantum and a stiff reed will give you a very flexible sound, the bigger tip opening will mean more air but you will be able to overdrive your sound and get that edge to your sound.

I tend to prefer a Martin for RnB, Rock, Soul or Fusion playing with a modified NY 10* Link and Plasticover #4. Intonation is good, projection is exceptional and sound versatility is effortless. The down side is that it requires a lot of air.

You may want to consider the Brilhardt levellaire, Ponzol M2, Guardala SKRB (very much one sound), Quantum, Rovner Deep V model, Radicalised Dukoff and a Barone Trad contemporary.
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