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lamar reeves said:
... and wants to include an excellent 1949 Top Hat & Cane in the deal.The price is reasonable but I have 2 other tenors.I also have a 1950 400 alto.I have never played the tenor version.In researching opinions USA Horn
refers to the 400's as having a "Gut Bucket Sound"What in the hell
does this mean?My alto can be played with great volume but can also be played sweetly....
Any opinions of the tone quality of this instrument?Gracias
I never played a TH&C alto, but am very happy with my TH&C tenor.
Judging from what you say about your alto, I'd say you can expect the same from the tenor. It can be sweet if you want it to, but wake up the neighbours across the street too :D
But it does NOT sound rough or "gut bucket". Always full/fat/lush or whatever word you want to use.
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