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Who ever had this sax really took care of it. I only had to seat a few leaking pads and replace one broken spring and it really sings now. I was not too happy when I won the auction at the last second. I had visions of a few hundred bucks more to make it playable..
You did great on that sale. It still would have been well worth it if you needed to sink $200-300 more into it. I have an Aristocrat tenor from the same time period (292,xxx, about 1940) and it's a fantastic horn. Bueschers from this era are among the best horns out there. The TH&C are the most valued in terms of price, so you ended up getting a great deal, given it needs no major work. Enjoy!

And yeah, my 1940 Aristo is noticeably heavier than the later 156.
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