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Kudos man! 400's TH&C tenors are really something else. te metal on those horns is a different alloy, they changed the metal 2 times in that serial range span between your TH&C tenor vs. your late aristocrat. The alloy on the earlier horn is softer and the gage on the horn's thicker. I've weighted just the bodies and found that the lighter feeling later horn's body it's actually heavier, so maybe weight difference is in the keywork and other features (400's have a whole different key layout regarding placing, sizing, hinging, etc)

Your horn has silver key tubing, strap ring, thumb hook, and reinforcement rim on the bell. All those areas are indeed solid nickel silver, not plated. Wether you can see that or not depends on the lacquer aging, absence/presence at those points, and other factors such as if the horn was stored in a rather acidic or caustic enviroment But also the brass looks different when oxidation plays in. It develops sort of a silver tarnish look over the brass.

Got pictures? did you get it from the bay or ??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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