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Syrinx on Soprano Saxophone

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Jean-Marie Londeix has transcribed a version of Syrinx for alto saxophone. I has some fingering suggestions and the like.

It is scored for alto saxophone although of course it is intended to be played unaccompanied.

My question is if one wanted to play on soprano saxophone, it is customary to transpose the key to accommodate the Eb vs Bb? Or, since it is unaccompanied, would it be more common to just play as written without concern about the change in key?.
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I love this piece, but still haven't picked up the music for it. Since it's unaccompanied, I'd just play it as written. I suppose you could transpose it and see how it feels under the fingers, but that's extra work. Plus side of playing it as-is, you don't have to learn it twice to switch between E-flat and B-flat horns.
P.S. I think this would be great on 'nino!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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