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SX90R and Altissimo

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My SX90R tenor (bought new in 2000) really has trouble with the altissimo range.
My tech went over the horn and said it is perfect.

When I pick up my MkVI the high notes just pop out of the horn (using the same barone hollywood 7* on both.) It really puts a damper on other wise a great sounding horn.

any suggestions?
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I put my MK VI away when I bought the SX90R and played it for 7 years!
I always assumed it was me, but about 6 mounths ago I pulled out my old MK VI and it just worked no problem! I'm 53 years old been playing since I was a kid and been a pro or semi pro my whole life.
already went through the whole mouthpiece thing. all it did was screw my head up.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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