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Having a bad time with the rico jazz selects recently, have been on them for years but lately something is up. Finding them noticeably less consistent, and I feel like the cane doesnt have the same golden color it used to. I could also be completely wrong abut everything and its all in my head.

I would like to try rigotti, francois louis and alexander and my research suggests I should start with the rigotti jazz. My strength on the rjs has been 2h or 3s, I feel this gives the right balance of brightness/resistance etc. The mouthpieces I use on alto and tenor are a 6 meyer copy and a 7* florida link copy. I have checked all the strength charts I could find and think im gonna go for 2.5 strong.

Was wondering if anyone with personal experience could advise on the equivalent strength of rjs vs rigotti, fl and alexander. Also any information about the consistency and character of those reeds would be much appreciated.

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