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Switching from alto.

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I am an alto player, but yesterday I had a quick go on a Tenor and a Soprano. I liked the sweet tone of the soprano and the warm tone of the tenor so much, I now would very much like to play one of them aswell as the alto. But, which is easier to switch to (not switch, but learn at the same time) from alto? I don't mind which. But I'm just wondering about embouchure and tone and things like that.
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tenor is easier to switch to from alto.
Tenor, if you want to sound decent in a relatively short time. It may be because I learned on tenor, but I think that it is the easiest sax to get an acceptable sound from.
It's probably easier to get a good quality horn for less in a tenor as well. Saxes aren't sold by the pound.
OK thanks. Seems I probably will be gettin a tenor then. I found a couple of other threads on here which say it's easier to switch to aswell. Plus tenor's probably the sexiest out of all the saxes...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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