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I'm a high school Sophomore in the USA, and I'm switching to Tenor now that marching season is over. I will be playing in my school's Jazz band and concert band at the same time, so there are a few aspects of my setup I'd like advice on.

I'm going to use a Yamaha, because I've heard good things about them and it's the brand my school recommends, but which model should I start with? I'm thinking of renting a YTS-26, YTS-280, or YTS-480, but the store might only rent student level instruments, in which case I'de have to go with the 26 or some other model.

What reeds have a balance, but a warmer, dark sound? I'll probably start with Traditional Vandoren reeds, but do any of Vandoren's other reeds offer a better balance between Jazz music and Classic/Concert music? I've had some success with a V12 and a V21 on alto, but I don't know if they'd be as good for Jazz band.

What about a warmer mouthpiece? I'd prefer to get a hard rubber or metal mouthpiece that's <$150, and I'd like to go as cheap as possible.
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