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Supertramp saxophone

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I was recently asked to participate in a local Supertramp tribute band. I must admit that I do not know the complete catalog of Supertramp. Is there anyone who can help me to list the best Supertramp-saxophone-songs? :sunny:
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I really like Supertramp, back from being at school in the 70s and wanting to hear saxophone all the time.

Curtis Swift of has transcribed quite a few of John Anthony Helliwell's solos, including:
  • Bloody Well Right
  • Breakfast in America
  • Child of Vision
  • Crime of the Century
  • Don't Leave Me Now
  • Fool's Overture
  • From Now On
  • Give A Little Bit
  • Gone Hollywood
  • If Everyone Was Listening
  • It's Raining Again
  • Lord Is It Mine
  • School
  • Take the Long Way Home
  • The Logical Song

Curtis' work is very good, so it might be worth seeing which of these songs you and the band like and then getting them from the website.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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