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Received mine yesterday. Here's my review

I got mine in 8*. It actually measures .116"
First inspection:
Gorgeous finish (silverlated) even, simetric rails, supremely scooped sidewalls, even and simetric from the throat to the very tip. Very clean craftsmanship. Nicely undercut window.

Chamber looks like a Tone Master NY, a tad smaller perhaps
It has a long rollover that actually looks like a smooth wedge baffle but has no abrupt ridges or lines.
Shank is on the stubby side, great for a really large chamber.

It plays fat, with a rich core, projects a lot easier than my other tenor favorite, a ToneMaster NY in .118"

The dynamic range is increased, you can play softer and louder, you can make it whisper or scream like a banshee keeping the same intonational and timbrical coherence

Altissimo pops out clean, full bodied, like natural instrument range. No need for a gazillion alternate fingerings, the regular fingerings will suffice even on vintage tenors (Buescher, COnns, etc) that are notoriously misbehaved on the G3 and surrounding notes. Palm notes don't choke up or sound stuffy. On the low end is just amazing, didn't think that a piece could do better for me than my trusty old tone master on that particular region.

Facing is VERY reed friendly and I would say that I see myself using at least half a strenght up in reeds. It's just EASY blowing and easy to control.

What I don't like: the beak profile is a little too "guardalaish" for me (low, sort of "narrow") but if you've ever played a tone master for a long time this is the usual feel when you try any other piece, it's like your mouth tends to close a little if you don't pay attention the first minutes you've changed pieces. And it's not very ligature friendly... it has a shape that's practically cylindrical, making the aftermarket lig choices sort of slim.

I'll be recording something soon, and report back after more days playing on it.

So far, if I had to sum up using a few words, it's an inspiring piece, that combines the best of link types with added power and overall behaves nicer

Way to go, Phil!
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