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Sunny (with last)

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Here's a video rather than just the Soundcloud link to audio. I popped it down this morning more as a test than a finished article. I think the audio is out by a few milliseconds but it's my first go so bear with me please. I kept it simple. No split screen overdubs (I wish) just me in the booth at home in the studio. I did use the Q-tron for the first 2 choruses but it's pure alto after that.
Let me know if you have any useful tips or comments ("give up Alex" I hear you cry) And thanks for listening and watching if you have time. Alex
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Great playing Alex. Cool effect! I always enjoy your playing and it's great to see the video form! Cool choice of tune and smooooooth!

A quick tip I figured out on syncing video and audio. I keep the video audio and separate audio tracks unmuted, and then match it to where they sound like two tracks playing simultaneously.
That's a great idea Jared. I'll look into that one with the next video. Bit of a learning curve for me but I'll get there. Thanks for listening. Alex
No worries, I did the same thing a few months back with my first audio video (frankensax) Took me a while to find a good method - so i figured I would share.
Yes, this is what I do. I record the audio separately and use the video audio to line everything up and then mute the audio on the video when it's synced so I'm left with the separately recorded audio.

Does that make sense? Writing it out is more complicated than it actually is.

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Yeah Simon! That is the much better way of explaining what I was trying to say. Glad I'm not alone on this one!
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