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Summer work: scales and II-V-I

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My teacher suggested as summer work scales and II-V-I chords.

So I created the attached training material. I use this to also improve my reading skills.

The scales are done by heart, as is the following basic excercise (This one I did not write out in all scales)
Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Art

The chords I try to figure them out by heart (I and II is OK, V not even started). Then I repeat them by reading to get a feel for the II-V-I

"Over the rainbow" I play using the sheet. Some days I do the scales, II-V-I and basic excercise. The other day the lick and "over the rainbow"

I use a lot more than 10 minutes a day to practice my scales. I hope to reduce this when things speed up.

The task seemed daunting when I started, but now I feel I'm getting a grip on it. But often it is like the Echternach procession: advancing one step, going 2 back.

I thought the material could be useful for others. My teacher was enthousiastic when I showed it, so I post it here. I used musescore. If somebody wants the originals I can upload them also.

Tips? Comments to improve my approach?


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Thanks mate! For amateurs such as myself these are both helpful fun!

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