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Summer work: scales and II-V-I

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My teacher suggested as summer work scales and II-V-I chords.

So I created the attached training material. I use this to also improve my reading skills.

The scales are done by heart, as is the following basic excercise (This one I did not write out in all scales)
Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Art

The chords I try to figure them out by heart (I and II is OK, V not even started). Then I repeat them by reading to get a feel for the II-V-I

"Over the rainbow" I play using the sheet. Some days I do the scales, II-V-I and basic excercise. The other day the lick and "over the rainbow"

I use a lot more than 10 minutes a day to practice my scales. I hope to reduce this when things speed up.

The task seemed daunting when I started, but now I feel I'm getting a grip on it. But often it is like the Echternach procession: advancing one step, going 2 back.

I thought the material could be useful for others. My teacher was enthousiastic when I showed it, so I post it here. I used musescore. If somebody wants the originals I can upload them also.

Tips? Comments to improve my approach?


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This is THE stuff. Welcome to the rest of your practice life and the world of jazz. It’s really slow work and just when you think all is lost it will magically appear in your improvisation.
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