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Hello... I have a Couesnon & Cie tenor sax that I want to sell on Ebay. I am fairly knowledgeable on how to accurately describe & present stringed instruments, but I have no experience with saxophones. I'm wondering what are the important saxophone parts & characteristics (including flaws) that should be emphasized in order to provide an accurate written & photographic description of this instrument?

Here is what I do know:

* There is no serial number.
* Having done some research, this is not a monopole sax.
* The silver plating has delaminated in several places, and there is some oxidation/tarnishing in those areas.
* The pads appear to be generally okay, but my guess is that it will need some maintenance.

Any suggestions would be very helpful; thanks very much!

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Welcome to the forum. IMO what you said above is enough for a description from a non-player. Provide enough pics (all sides) for people to assess its condition, and mention apparent flaws (loss of plating is not a biggie except for collectors) eg ripped pads, resolders, dings/dents. Don't forget the neck and accessories (mouthpiece).
Good luck!

PS. It's "Couesnon".

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Some of the Couesnon have serial numbers underneath the key touches or hidden between toneholes. Look underneath the g# key. Does it actually have the words "Couesnon & Cie" engraved on it? It may be quite an old sax. If it's quite old, it may only be interesting to collectors and not players. Players are looking for saxes in good condition without dents, has original neck, and pads in good condition. It will be very hard for you to judge the pads as a non-player, but to re-pad a saxophone can cost in the area of $300 to $1000.
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