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Suggestions on Ferling Exercise Numbers Please

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I've just learned that I've got a placement audition coming up in a few months that I need a technical and lyrical showcase of my abilities in. I want to use two of the exercises out of the Ferling book, but am unsure which two would be best for an audition situation. What would you reccomend? The only thing that I ask that you take into consideration are the ones that require constant, rapid tounging. I'm currently trying to switch between anchor and tip tounging, so I'm a bit slow in the tounge at the moment. Anything else is fair game!

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18 is a fun one :) There's only one part that requires fast tonguing and it's only like a measure.
Funny, that's one of the etudes that I'd been considering.

Yes, it is only a measure!
Sorry to post again...
For slower, prettier ones I like #s 13 5 and 29...
18 is a winner
If not 18, then 42 doesnt have any fast single tounging. If you do happen to get your tounging speed up and running though...then 12 is a fun one:twisted: . As far as slow ones go 27 is my favorite so far.
12 is my absolute favroite. I really like 19 for a slow one.
What is the name of the work containing these exercises please?
BobbyC said:
What is the name of the work containing these exercises please?
48 Famous Studies for oboe or saxophone opus 31 by W. Ferling
The Marcel Mule edition adds 12 more studies

Hey Scott, here's an idea. Really impress them with one of the Mule additional studies. They're in some wild keys.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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