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Suggestions for jazz piece

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Well I'm completely new to the jazz world. I need some mouthpiece suggestions to try on my yas82z. Reed suggestions are welcome as well.
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Yea --- another vote for the V16 A7M -- just make sure you try a bunch of them --- I have one for my alto
Wow, I didn't expect such unanimity! Of course, not so many folks have answered this yet. I actually play a V16 A7S with a medium Fibracell on my YAS-61 from the '70s. I've been accused of having "that sax set on 11" when I was trying to be loud. It's a flexible set-up, though - you can play softly, too.
thanks for the advice guys
What? No one is going to recommend a Meyer, say a 6M? The defacto standard of jazz mouthpieces? If you do a search, you will find that any one of 300 mouthpieces will do ( I exaggerate, a little)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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