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Sugawa listening link

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Here is a link, it's in Japanese so when you open it, if you've not configured you pc to read it it will just scrambled text BUT you can still listen either way...just scroll down a bit and click on the blue eighth notes--this is a good opportunity because it's hard to find streaming examples of Sugawa's playing....

Good luck...

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I just double checked the link and it doesn't seem to work for me via the SOTW link...if I go thru google it must be a link that is not "linkable" or something like that...If it won't work for everyone...sorry!

Try cutting and pasting in google and then click on it once the japanese link pops up...
Ah..the link does work must of just been 'down for maintence' at the time I tried the link....

1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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