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I've recently come to discover that I've developed a habit, and I'm not sure if it needs fixing.
When I play, I rest the tip of my tongue against my bottom lip (also touching my bottom teeth) and my tongue is on the floor of my mouth. To tongue, I just raise the front portion of my tongue (a little less than 2cm back) up to touch the reed while to tip stays in contact w/ my bottom lip.
The thing is, I don't know if I should consider this a problem. The only reason I even noticed was because I was reading the "Allard Basic Principles" and in it it says,

"Before you put the mouthpiece in your mouth, close your mouth and relax as much as
possible. Feel how your tongue is against the roof of your mouth and the sides of your
tongue are against your upper teeth.

Now open your mouth a little and let your tongue fall down so it cuts your mouth cavity
in half.
Spread your tongue out so it covers your upper teeth on both sides at least partly and seals against your teeth. This does not apply to the front teeth; the tip of your
tongue pulls back a little and will direct the air in between the reed and mouthpiece tip
Also your tongue is positioned perfectly for tonguing."

So I can follow all of his steps perfectly w/o the mouthpiece, but when I put my mouthpiece in my mouth, suddenly I feel like there's no room for the tip of my tongue, and therefore it goes under the reed. I feel like he's saying to pull the tip of your tongue back so much so that it is entirely in front of the mpc, and that feels REALLY awkward to me. (Also, what is his idea of perfect tonguing?)

I really like my tone and I can play fine in all ranges (even altissimo). The only problem that I can see with my tongue position is that maybe it's causing me to tongue incorrectly? I'd be fine with making the switch, but I don't want to waste my time and effort if it doesn't even matter. When I try to have my tongue "cut my oral cavity in half" I feel like I'm making a big effort to position it in a way that makes me sound terrible.

My questions:
Am I analyzing Allard's method correctly?
Should I strive to break this "habit"? And if so, what should my goal be?
Where is the tip of your tongue when you play? Is it suspended is front of your mpc in order to direct the air?

If you can answer any of these three questions I'd be eternally grateful :]
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