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Stuffy note...

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I'm really happy with my SA80II tenor with one exception. My low D is just a tad stuffy. Every other note speaks well. Just the freakin D. What do you gurus reccomend besides just take it to my tech - she is great at fixing leaks and minor problems but she is an all around repairer - not a master. Heck, she might actually have the solution but I had my leaks and sticky keys fixed in a kamikaze mission Saturday afternoon and really don't want to make a trip back so soon. The stuffy D is an ongoing issue, just such a small one I've failed to address it in the past.....
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This thread was a lifesaver =)

After getting my horn back from the tech (routine maintenance, oiling), my low D and E were a bit stuffy in sound, which drove me nuts. Turned the screw to open it up more and now it's back as it was, woot! I did jam the screw driver through the gap by mistake and the felt fell out though... =/
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