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Study With Tim Price Via Skype, or in NYC or Pa.

Lessons draw from Tim's assessment of a student's needs combined with the student's long and short-term goals as a musician. Attention is given to each student's individual level and prior training.

Be prepared for a multi-disciplinary approach to study including:

•How the body works in wind productions, how to speed up and slow down the wind, how to change the size of the embouchure for color changes to approach modern musics and also study the masters of the past.

•Joe Viola lineage of technical study.

•Studies in transcription, from Prez to today.

•Studies in jazz chord study's that apply to rock, funk and pop.

Discover and experience personalized, professional saxophone guidance that will
motivate and help you achieve satisfying results. ALL LEVELS.
Study in a relaxed and creative studio in New York City.
Or in my Pennsylvania studio close to Philly and Allentown.

I also teach on worldwide and get immediate results.

My ultimate aim is a development of a personnal conscious and creative
improvisational style.

For more information reach me at ; [email protected]
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