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Studio and Live pedal boards set up.

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I thought as several players are quite into pedals I’d post my current set up for studio and live work (not that there’s a lot of live work around at the moment but when there is I’ll be ready :) the pic with the Strymons is the studio board and I’ve just completely rejigged that after a few issues with residual noise which is now completely gone and makes for a very clean sound when recording. I’m using the pro radial Di box for both. The live board comes through well on my LD systems speaker which works well on small gigs and as a decent monitor in larger ones. Still tweaking the placement of the looper but the rest is working how I would like. Again a nice clean sound. It’s certainly a journey of sonic exploration and I’m finding a good number of musical ventures in which to utilise them. I’ll be uploading some new tracks on the recording and reviews forum soon using the studio board. Great to see other guys into pedals and I’m always interested in what your set up is if you’re keen to share. Best, Alex


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You need to invest in a pedal powersupply. Having a power strip there looks bad and adds bulk.

Not sure what the big black boxes are on the side....???

Love the eventide H9. Best pedal I've ever bought. I ditched the Jeff Coffin style Q-Tron because you can use the H9 to do it, and not have all the feed back that the Q-Tron seems to like to do (at least mine using the Jeff Coffin settings feeds back a lot).

My pedalboard went through a little revamp, and I have it down to a small but powerful size. HX-Stomp and H9 are awesome together.
Thanks Eric. I do have the Trex pedal power supply boxes as per the photos. They don';t supply power to some of the pedals like the Q-tron (24v) and I';m not too bothered about the footprint of the plug boards as there';s plenty of room on the live board and obviously in the studio space is not an issue. As to whether they look good or bad is not an issue for me so long as the whole unit functions as I want it to which it does. The large black boxes are the receivers for the Sennheiser wireless mics. I';ve invested a lot of time in finding what works with the Q-tron and what doesn';t and I';ve not had any issues with feedback etc regardless of what setting. Jeff Coffin';s setting as per his photo is only one of many that I use. The Q-tron is only one of several filters I use including the Seamoon and **** Fight and I have another arriving shortly. Running one filter into another is also a great way to explore their possibilities. Having a compressor is essential in taming the signal though. I use the H9 Max for mainly ambient reasons and for some of the quirkier effects. I like your board and I think it exemplifies the diversity of what we as individual players want/need to fulfil our aural expectations. One thing I have discovered over the last few years of researching and experimenting with different board set ups is that there';s no one right way to do it.

I';d love to hear some of your work using your board. Do you have a link to it? I can only find the photo of your board.

You can find many fx tracks like this one on my Soundcloud account. Kind regards. Alex
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