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Student-line 10M's?

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While browsing Saxalley's sale section last night, I came across this:

Conn 10M #282,000 - Excellent mechanical condition, nice cosmetic condition, re-lacquered pro model. Sax Alley did a "Complete Mechanical Restoration on this one in the last few years and pads are still in excellent condition. Great playing, vintage tenor! - $1400

Conn 10M #566,000 - Very nice mechanical and cosmetic condition, re-lacquered student model tenor. Good playing beginner instrument and a great blower for the money. - $700

What caught my eyes was not that these horns are relacquered, but the categorization of one being a pro horn and the other a student one.

Could this be a typo? Or did Conn actually classify the 10M's as such? If so, what does an intermediate, or custom 10M look like?
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No, the 10M was never a student horn. Some vendors stand by the assumption that when Conn dropped the naked lady engraving, somehow the horns weren't as good. They are the same body and keywork as the earlier models, save for a few insignificant cosmetic details.

The Pan Am, and after 1955 the Director models, were Conn's student lines.

To put this into perspective, although many criticize the Eastlake era Kings for not being as good as the Cleveland era ones, do you feel your Super 20 is a student grade horn?
my 64 6m out played every naked lady model i ever tried
Mike and Dan -

Thank you for your comment. I am glad to see your confirmation of the 10M as a pro horn, which I had always known it to be before seeing the Saxalley's ad.

And you are right: even thought my 20 is an Eastlake, it is no student horn.
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