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stuck broken spring

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I had a spring break out of a c melody I'm repadding, but the problem is that the bit left behind in the post won't come out. I've tried gripping it and trying to pull it out and I've tried using spring removing pliers. Neither work.
Is is safe to try and tap it out or will this damage the post or body at all?
I suppose I could try it, but I'd rather not cause myself even more problems.
Thanks guys.
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I use a center punch. It is one that I have grounded the point to a very fine point ,like a needle spring. Run a file over the end of the broken spring so you can see it. Set the very sharp point right in the center of it and tap with a metal hammer. The sharp point should stay there. The weight of the center punch seems to work well rather than a light spring.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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