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stuck broken spring

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I had a spring break out of a c melody I'm repadding, but the problem is that the bit left behind in the post won't come out. I've tried gripping it and trying to pull it out and I've tried using spring removing pliers. Neither work.
Is is safe to try and tap it out or will this damage the post or body at all?
I suppose I could try it, but I'd rather not cause myself even more problems.
Thanks guys.
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Would it be easier to remove the post first?

If I were doing this (not that I'm an expert) but if the pushing it out with a longnose pliars and oil didn't do the trick - I would think about removing the post from the horn - and placing on top of my vise (perhaps with some brass blocks or something) and tapping it out with a punch or a junk spring.

Removing and replacing posts are easier than repairing dents in my world..
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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