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It's a strange time for musicians. Our art and craft is inherently social, but most of us are unable to actually be in the same room with each other because of the global pandemic. Luckily, my friend Isamu McGregor, a wonderful keyboardist and musician in Los Angeles and longtime Progger contributor, had the wherewithal to start "Stuck At Home Records," an idea under which he organized a ton of his professional musician friends across the country into groups of four to collaborate on one track a week. And honestly, it's really damn fun.

Since I play multiple instruments, I got to contribute to two different groups this week, but I'm posting the second one here because I only played keys on the first. For this one I went a little overboard and stacked two tenors, an alto, and a bunch of keyboards on top of the guitar, bass, and drum tracks laid down by the other guys. Those other guys are, by the way, Carey Clayton on guitar, Brian Holtz on bass, and Joey Lefitz on drums. They're great dudes and players. Together, we are the #StuckAtHomeRecords group known as SPICOLI. Behold.

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