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Strange MK VI serial #

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I have borrowed a friend's MK VI alto, and I noticed something I've never heard of before. Below the serial number, in capital letters, is engraved the letters BIS. It is on the body and the bell to body brace plate. the serial # is M148XXX. Does this mean anything to anyone out there. Thanks,
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No, it definitely looks like it was done at the factory. It is of the same quality and lettering style as the rest of the patent and serial # stuff. Also, I'm sure that this horn was bought new by my friend's father in the mid 60's. Any other guesses?
I asked a very knowledgeable friend about this and he told me this: Bis in french means alternate (makes sense once you hear it), so he said it could be a factory relacquer, or a case where 2 horns were made with the same serial #, kind of like 1000, and 1000A.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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