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Stolen horns from Marc Baum

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I'm just passing the info on. I didn't see it posted and don't know the guy but he lives in the SF Bay area.

Selmer MKVI tenor sax
Serial #111790
Description very tarnished horn, laquer is almost worn off, Guardala mouthpiece in case. black neckstrap in bell of horn, black Selmer flight case,

Muramatsu closed hole flute, C foot

Description – cheap black case, flute tarnished almost to black

Selmer MKVI soprano sax
Description -early model, much laquer worn off-original square black case-Selmer C star mouthpiece

Yamaha SJ550 guitar
serial ??
Red telecaster type, two pickups, Bartolini and Dimarzio. black graph-tech saddles
blue Fender gig bag-red nylon strap,
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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