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Still Shopping .... 2 Questions .......

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1. What is a "STENCIL"? I have seen the word on this website, but have no clue what it is, as related to saxophones.

2. Anyone ever heard of the saxophone brand, WOODWIND? I see one that is supposed to be a pro-quality horn, but rather inexpensive, so does anyone know anything about their sound, tone, resonsiveness, etc.?

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****sorry, I meant "responsiveness"
Thanks, Dave!

Anyone know about the "Woodwind" brand? I am supposing it was made in Taiwan.
Thanks, Bruce .... looks like we posted at about the same time. :)
Thanks for all of your input!!

Anyone heard of the REVERE sax?

Here is the claim that is made on ebay:
This sax is modeled after the great Selmer Super Action 80 Series II. Now, we know every ebay seller says that ..... and for good reason, the Selmer Paris horns are the best horns available. However, our factory comes the closest we have seen to matching the great french horns at a fraction of the price. We have many pros using these exact saxes and we can't say that about any sax we've seen made in China, even the ones we sell.

All of our Revere saxes are final quality tested, adjusted and setup HERE IN THE USA by our techinicans ($99.95 value). Don't buy a horn in any price range if the cork or rubber bumpers are installed. This means your instrument was not serviced before shipment.

The quality of workmanship is outstanding .... you and your teacher will be amazed to see and play it.

We feel so confident about the quality and playability of these saxes that we will give you an unconditional 30 Day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Suitable for the beginner or advanced player, this sax will look, feel and play like an instrument costing thousands more.

We know your internet purchase can be an overwhelming experience with so many choices and phony hype. Don't be fooled by others claiming to have the bargain of a lifetime. You need an instrument that will play in tune ... stay in tune ... and be able to take the handling that musicians put on their instruments.

THIS IS NOT A LOW COST STUDENT INSTRUMENT. This is an instrument that is played by many pros and you will be proud to own for your lifetime.

Why isn't it more expensive ??? ... It should be ... but we don't sell it through the usual chain ..... Manufacturer -> Wholesaler -> Distributor -> Retailer -> Customer. We sell directly to you, saving hundreds of dollars.

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Thank you, Grumps.
Found a little bit of "Revere" info here on SOTW:

Thanks, Carbs .... I do know that I want an alto sax with a rich tone, plays in tune, not hard to blow, etc.

I owned a Martin years ago that was stolen, and it had the most wonderful sound after being refurbished, but I have looked into the price of refurbishing and so I am not so sure I want to go that route.

To Grumps .... frankly, I cannot do anything about the fact of being inexperienced ... so why should it be such a terrible thing for me to ask my questions here?

Thanks, Grumps .... finding this SOTW site has been a learning experience in itself, as I was so totally unaware of all the different saxophone brands out there, both good and bad. I'm still shopping, but I have definitely been taking all the SOTW advice seriously, as you all know more about this than I do.

In fact, I don't even know one note from another on the sax ... if someone were to ask me to hit C# I would have no clue ... I don't read the music for it; I play strictly by ear ... so I know that is a downfall to some degree ... but buddy, when you get me goin' I really love to play the sax!

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