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Still Shopping .... 2 Questions .......

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1. What is a "STENCIL"? I have seen the word on this website, but have no clue what it is, as related to saxophones.

2. Anyone ever heard of the saxophone brand, WOODWIND? I see one that is supposed to be a pro-quality horn, but rather inexpensive, so does anyone know anything about their sound, tone, resonsiveness, etc.?

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Woodwind is a cheap brand from Asia sold by the Woodwind and Brasswind (WWBW).
Some of the cheapies from Asia are good and some not. I had a belcrest that was quite good and the Maxtone and Soul were junk.
I think it was Revere who said "One if by C, two if by Bb..."
True, ebay is difficult at times. As far as the bargains, there are many of us who constantly watch ebay looking for gems. I have been buying about one horn a week and I think I have only gotten about 3 that were sub par. Some of us are lucky that we do repair and I ALWAYS count on at least $250 will need to be put into each horn. Don't trust the hype by these online dealers.
Always buy from someone (like most at SOTW) who will allow a return if you don't like it.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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