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Stepping out w/ my Baby - help

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Hey all,

I've searched all my real books & can't find a lead sheet for this one. I'd transcribe it myself, but #1 - I'm not familiar with the tune & #2 - I don't have any recordings of it.

I'm playing jazz sax for a wedding ceremony that's coming up soon - the bride & groom requested this tune for the recessional.

Can anyone help a brother out? Thanks in advance.
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Well, it's an Irving Berlin tune, and Astaire did it in the movie 'Easter Parade'.

Hope this helps.
ITunes? probably worth the $.99 investment if it gets you the gig...
I can't stand Itunes - but might download it just for this one tune...and then delete it again.

Anyone have a recommendation for a recording of this tune? I heard Tony Bennett did the best "jazz" interpretation.

Stepping out with my baby

I have that one. You can get it with an accomp. CD from Just click on saxophone music and you'll find it. Hope this helps.
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