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stephanhouser horn?

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Has anyone played this type of model or anything similar what did you think?
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I tested a Steph alto at Scimonetti's a while back. It was okay but I didn't reach for my wallet. DAVE
I've played a tenor and the tone was really thin.. can't speak for intonation but I dont think it was fantastic. There were no pearls on the key touches which was not nice to me.. just metal bowls.
For the same price you can get a Unison tenor from Kessler (link at top of page). I have no first hand experience with Unison, but they have received some favorable comments. And there are the Kessler Customs, which cost less. It might be worth calling Dave Kessler.
Unisons are student versions of the the TK Melodys. The Unisons are very nice, BUT I compared the Unison to my TK, and the TK wins hand down. The bore design is different, and the horn is more resonant. Get a new TK Melody.
Jazz sax prof here at OSU endorses them. Not bad horns
I had a repair tech, who works at a store that sells them, tell me that they're poorly made and will need a lot of maintenance.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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