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Stencil ?

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Hi All :
Sorry for my lack of information, but, what is an "STENCIL" Sax ?
Best wishes and merry Christmas
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A stencil is a saxophone made by a name-brand saxophone company (like Conn, or Buescher, Martin, etc). The saxophone, however, does not bear the name of the company that manufactured the sax but rather the name of a music store that sells it as theirs (Lyon and Healy, Wurlitzer, Carl Fischer, Pan American, etc.) at a reduced price. In many cases, the renamed saxes are no more and no less than that: instruments made by known makers but sold with different names. Sometimes the stencils were the same quality as their name-brand relatives; in some cases, the stencil was made with fewer desirable features, like engravings or special key-work, or they were slightly inferior seconds.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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