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Hello, Another newbie question.

I know what stencil saxophones are. They are basically clone saxophones that another manufactors produce which are a copy of a popular saxophone. The question i am wondering is how do you tell which saxophone is a stencil based on? I am based in china and i see a lot of saxophones with dubious names and origin. The only "branded" saxophones that i have experiencd with are yamahas, the rest of my saxophones are some taiwanese brands (Chateau and Supreme) and I think they are based on some other saxophone (maybe the selmers or yanis).

Is there like a photo gallery or some place on the 'net where one can read up and understand the physical characteristic of these saxophones which are most commonly stenciled? I realise i could just pose pictures of my own saxes and ask which models it is stenciled from, but i was just wondering if there was somewhere i can look and learn at my own pace

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