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Hello all,

I've been wanting to deconstruct this passage in Steely Dan's live rendition of 'Sign In Stranger' for a while now and have finally gotten around to it. It's an interlude in the track with 3 saxes and a vibraphone.

But I'm struggling to pick out the rather close harmonies within it. My ear is badly out of practice and my theory certainly needs sharpening up, but I'd appreciate massively if someone could help deconstruct this a bit for me.

So far I feel like it's loosely that the two harmony parts are playing 3rds and 6ths an octave below the melody, but this doesn't seem to work all the way through and my attempts at mocking it up in Cubase just aren't cutting it right now.

(The interlude begins at 4.55 - this link should take you straight there).

My ultimate aim is to be able to compose in this particular style, so just finding what the general harmonic rules are within this is what I'm after really.

Many thanks in advance for any advice
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