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Starting out on Alto!

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Hello guys! I can't quite afford the new saxes right now as a university student studying jazz double bass.... so I'm trying to get one of these Saxes used.

The Selmer Bundy II for 400$

Conn 20m for 350$

Some 1970s Conn for 350$ UPDATE: This is apparently a Shooting Star, going to look into it more.*

Conn 18M for 150$

Also... I wouldn't hesitate to see if the music stores carry some used YAS-23s

Please and thanks :) Hope someone has some experience with these models!

So excited to start playing!
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Welcome to SOTW. I can't comment specifically about those models you listed because I have not played any of them (as if one example is indicative of the whole model line - it isn't). I'd suggest that you find a seasoned alto saxophone player and ask him to evaluate the horns with you, preferably in person. Being a jazz bassist, I'm guessing you know someone who may be willing to help you. DAVE
Whoops, how rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself to the community! Ahhh, I should do that later haha. Thank you Dave! I've read many of your posts on here about various models of saxophones. Yes, I actually do know a few saxophone players and one of them agreed to come with me to test out the horns and give his opinion! I'm so lucky haha. He has personally experienced Yamaha YAS-23s and Conn 20Ms. So I guess I might get one of those.

It could never hurt though to hope for a second opinion! Maybe someone has experienced the other ones too. I've read a few things on the Bundy II so far. It's still hard to choose which to get!

Anyways! Thanks for the reply! Hope I can delve into the community!
Oh, Thanks Jaye! I didn't notice that. I just took the person for it! The guy actually has 2 of them he said, one of them has better lacquer in tact though. He's selling them for 350 and 400.

I'm looking at the Bundy II right now though, it seems like it's in good condition. It's serial says it's made sometime after 1995 I believe... and not sure where it's made. Going to try both out I hope.

Thanks for the advice :)!
I've heard bad things and some good things about the Bundy II :(. Thanks John for sharing your personal experiences though!

I'll try it anyways because it's right around. My sax friend should be able to tell if it's bad or good... (I hope). Who knows! Maybe I'll get lucky!
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